Jigsaw Puzzles??

Hi -  I am quite new to H5P, but I am truly enjoying it so far, thank you.

I would like to add an interactive jigsaw puzzle to my blog.

Do you have a jigsaw puzzle option, or would you be able to make one?

Or do you know of a reliable jigsaw puzzle plugin that you could recommend?



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There isn't any Jigsaw H5P content type that I'm aware of. But it sounds like a fun project for someone in the community to make.

- Tom

That would be great, thank you, Tom.   I would certainly use this type of content, for sure.  For that matter, any kind of "puzzle" related content would be fantastic.

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Good to know! :)

And keep the suggestions coming! Both the core team, and the community at large suddenly picks up stoff from this forum and implements it.


- Tom

I'm blown away by h5p.  It's going to totally transform what we can offer learners.  I can't praise all those involved enough. 

I just wanted to say that a jigsaw puzzle would be brilliant especially for teaching younger children and young adults and adults with learning disabilities etc..   Maybe it's somthing we can try and get funding for if anyone can say they can do it?



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Hi Dave!

There's a list of H5P service providers. I am on there, too, but I may not be available before June.



I'm not realily sure.. I think I saw this a long time ago on GitHub.. this would be really cool for kindergarten students..