H5P Hub in the Drupal Module

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Hello, I see that the H5P Hub is integrated into the latest module release for Drupal and looks great. I like all the functionality it brings to both the content authors and administrators. 

What I was wondering, if there are plans for any more configuration in the module related to the Hub? I see the option to use it or not to use it, and while I would like to use it, the option to show "all" libraries, is something I do not want to make available to all users. Especially as we do not allow all users to upload new library types, and it doesn’t make a for a good user experience when they are told that they do not have permission to install new content types.

I wonder if anyone else is in the same boat?

Thanks for any information on this.

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Hi, the reason we do this is that for many H5P users the admins only install the module and don't use it much. He doesn't know and doesn't always care too much about what content types are available, so if the authors can't see what options are available we might risk that nobody sees these options in some organizations and nobody can ask admins to enable new content types. Maybe there are better ways of solving this problem?

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Your reasoning makes sense, and I agree that for many instances you might have an admin that does only handle installation of user requested modules and not much more. I like the Hub and how it works to let the users know a lot more about the content types, with demos, and even screenshots. I am thinking that maybe one way to handle this is if a user role does not have permission to install new content types there could be a way to "ask the admin" or "Suggest" that the content type be added by someone with permissions to do so. 

This could set off some sort of notification to the admin, and allow them to add the content type easily, in the same manner as updating the content types through the hub now.

This way, although the users will still get a message saying that they are not allowed to add any new content types, it gives them an opportunity to request that they be added.

I do believe that there might be instances when H5P will be used in a more closed environment for development of some kind and admins of these systems would want to have a bit more control over which content types show up. So it would still stand that a bit more control over some of these features is needed in those cases.




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I agree. Thank you for your thoughts roman. A system for requesting content types to be installed is a good idea, and your feedback is noted. This is just the first step of the content type hub and we will add these things in future updates.