Can I embed other "Accordions" into a "course presentation" object

I would like to a have a series of slides where the user can navigate through at their leisure. The order of their navigation is 100% up to them. I would also like to accordion style interactions available on different slides - is this possible?


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At the moment, it is not possible to add Accordions to CoursePresentation.

Thanks for the quick response. Can I ask then is it on the roadmpa or is it possible to enter in some html text instead to enable this type of formating to be manually inserted into a course presentation.


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Hi Mark

  1. There are plans to improve Course Presentation in some major ways. I'm not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly, then yes, it would open up the posibility to embed more content types. This enhanchement is not coming anytime soon though, so I wouldn't wait for it.
  2. I don't know of any "manual" way of doing what you want. Sorry.

- Tom

Hi Tom, I am wondering if there is any update on this. I still have a course presentation where I want to embed a survey within one of the pages. Currently my users have to leave the H5P course presentation object and enter the second object which is the survey. 

I apologise if I I missing something obvious and as ever thanks in advance for any help given.


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Hi Mark,

Sorry no updates on this one yet. There is however a content type that the core team is working on called Branching Scenario. It may not exactly do what you want but it at least makes it easier to transition from one content to the other.


Thanks for your response Tom

I noticed the previous responses are several years old.  Has there been any progress on being able to add an accordian to a course presentation?