Loading H5P directly in Moodle courses via Moodle Plugin (not H5P.com)

We've seen guidance in this comment - https://h5p.org/comment/17585#comment-17585 about being able to embed H5P content in a Moodle label. However, we don't see anywhere to get an embed code from the Moodle plugin.

We'd like to be able to display H5P content directly at the course level, rather than having learners click H5P activity boxes to get to content. 

We can't use H5P.com as I understand that content hosted there is publicly accessible. 

Are we missing an obvious button , or step somewhere?





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Hi Nick,

The embed code from the button at the bottom of the content. If you are not seeing the button, edit the content and make sure that the 'Display action bar and frame' under display options is checked.


Hi BV - thanks I see that working now. 

However is there to track completion when embedding it within a label?

Basically we'd like to show content directly on the course page, with completion criteria applied - so that learners need to watch the video and when that completes Moodle unlocks the Course Evaluation.

Any suggestions? I'm still trying to work out if that's possible without embedding - I'm not clear if an Interactive Video sends completion data to the LMS.


Hi BV,

I see that working now , thanks!

do you know if we can track completion, even when embedded? A Moodle label, in itself, does not have completion tracking beyond very basic "students can manually mark completion" - as you'd expect. 

We're just looking to display content at the course level, and then track completion through those activities. In our case, we want learners to watch a video, and after thats completed (with completion sent to the LMS), Moodle unlocks the course eval for learners to fill in for contact hours. 

I'm still not sure if that's possible with an Interactive Video.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Fazzi!

You can't track completion of embedded content. You'll have to copy the content and paste it as an interaction in your course.


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Hi Nick,

I'm not sure if this is possible if the content is embeded. If someone in the community that has more experience with this setup can you please confirm if this is possible or not.

Edit: Answer above :-)