Offline use of H5P content

Hi We are trying to develop courses for midwives in Nigeria and need the courses we are developing to be downloaded onto their mobiles so that they can be used in the remote villages. We understood that the ability to use the content we have created on a mobile download was going to be released in laet November. But nothing seems to have happened. The content we are developing is pointless if we cant download it for remote access. Is this possible? Thanks Tamsin


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Hi Tamsin!

I am not sure where you read about November, but I don't think the H5P core team announced that date. You can activate support for the moodleApp to allow using H5P content offline, but that's only an option if you're using moodle, of course. You could also use a commercial conversion service at to create standalone packages, but you'll have to ask them for prices. You could also sponsor the H5P Core Team, of course, so they can tackle the offline support issue that's still on the roadmap.