drupal 7: loading libraries error for new user

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we're testing h5p in drupal 7 as a way of producing interactive material for a museum kiosk. It works very well for our needs, but now it seems we've hit a bug:

My main drupal user has no prob with h5p. Any other user trying to add h5p interactive content gets a 'loading libraries' message and hangs-up there.

Checking deeper, there's a network error message, access denied to (oursite)/h5peditor/libraries, which isn't strange, as that path doesn't exist ;)

Any ideas?

(by the by, excellent tool! Great work!)

Cheers, Alfredo

This sounds strange. The path is defined in h5peditor.module, users who are allowed to create h5ps are allowed to access that path. (Not h5p.module). Doesn't it work? I've tested it and works fine for new users on my local install and also here on h5p.org.

What version of the module are you using?

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I'm on 7.x-1.0-beta4, the one at the drupal.org module repository.

It simply hangs up with any other user (defined with admin rights) except the original admin. Checking the installed directory structure, I see a default/files/h5p/libraries, but no libraries folder under default/files/h5peditor.

If you want to see the actual installation, I'll be happy to send you drupal & ftp login info. It's a test site, so no probs trashing it ;)

Cheers, Alfredo


It seems you need to explicitly give the permission "Interactive content: Create new content" (Interactive content: Skapa nytt innehåll) to all users who are supposed to create new H5P content. I did this on your site now and it is working. We will fix this problem in the next version of the module.

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I completely missed that... brilliant, thank you! :)