Branching Scenario Moving Branches combining scenarios

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Dear H5P developer and users,

At the moment I'm using the branching scenario quite a lot, as it gives me great flexibility to create learning paths. I noticed that once you create a brancing point (branching question) and create content downstream of that branch, you lose all of that content if you remove that branching point and that you cannot move a branch and downstream content to anothe place in the scenario. This implies, that small mistakes in the scenario cannot be easily undone.

Is it possible to remove a branch withpout losing the downstream content?

Is it possible to move a branch and downstream content to another part in the scenario?

Can you select a specific branch and downstream content and save it as a new scenario?

Can you combine different branches from different scenarios?

Kind regards,



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Hi bioscience,

These are not possible but all are very great ideas.

I will move this post to the feature request forum.