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I can't find the download button once a content published, although I have enabled "Allow users to download the content".

Can anybody help, please?

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Hi Tanja!

As far as I recall, if that option was deactivated before, you will have to reset the availability for downloads for each content that existed before. Also, please note that the button has been renamed to "Reuse".


Thanks for the reply! I overlooked this. :)

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Hi Tanja,

The download button has been replaced with 'reuse', I just checked your account and I saw the download 'reuse' button on all the content you created in


What are the prerequestes for a windows 10 personal computer to enable the download button for my content from

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Hi AlbertaBoilermaker,

There's none, you just need to place a check on "Allow download" at the bottom of the editor.