How do I find the version of a library used in a course?

I'd really appreciate assistance figuring out where specific H5P libraries and versions are used in our Moodle LMS.

If this information is not accessible in Moodle via UI, specific advice on what to ask our server administrators for would help a lot.

EnvironmentMoodle 3.5.7 (Build: 20190708)

PHP: 7.2.21

H5P: 1.20.1 (DEV) 1.17.1 (PROD)


I can see the installed libraries (mod/hvp/library_list.php) and how many instances there are, e.g. Interactive Video (1.15.0 has 0 instances, 1.17.5 has 0 instances, 1.20.4 has 2 instances and 1.21.6 has 2 instances).

There is an option to Upgrade library content for 1.20.4. I don't want to do this until I know where the two instances are.

There is no option to delete 1.15.0 or 1.17.5 which have no instances.

Even if I knew exactly where the 4 Interactive Videos are, I can't see the version number. When you select Edit Settings the Editor displays the Activity type but not the version.