Another activation problem

I'm running a dedicated Centos 6.7 server with PHP 5.3.3 and MySQL 5.1.73. On top of that I did a fresh Wordpress (version 4.4.1) installation with no plugins and Twenty Fifteen theme. I managed to install H5P-plugin without problems, but when I try to activate it the screen goes blank (white) and nothing happens. The H5P menu item and Settings/H5P do appear, the admin menu and the sidebar menu are visible, but not working. Only recovery is to delete plugin folder on server.

I wonder if the problem is server related. Are there any specific requirements for the server environment?

EDIT: found it! I was missing php-mbstring. Works now!


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Thank you for sharing! :)
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This is happening to me, how did you fix it? I tried installing both through the Plugins directory in Wordpress and also downloading and manually installing it. Both times it says it installed successfully, I activated it, then my Dashboard is blank! The site is working, and the Dashboard menu items are there, but nothing else. I had to remove it on the server.