Running H5P files outside of a CMS like Drupal?

HP5 files are zip files, containing HTML files, correct?

However, there is no html document inside to let them run like an HTML5 site.

Question: Is there no plan to make it possible to place H5P files on for example an HTTP server and then running them in any browser, without needing a plugin?

There are no concrete plans to do this, but we probably should do it. Most of the features of H5P would be missing in such an HTML version, but you would be able to publish it anywhere.

I'd be interested in doing this too. When you say 'Most of the features of HP5 would be missing' do you mean the package itself would not function (ie would break) or just that it'd no longer be a portable HP5 content type? I'm interested in authoring in Drupal but having the option of exporting for separate standalone HTML application development so am wondering if this is remotely possible. As an aside - after some R&D, it seems solid in Drupal - great job!

I might forget something, but atleast editing and saving user-data and results won't be working.