Where does the uploaded proprietary material reside when using H5P?


I have a client that uses proprietary content in their training that can only reside on their AWS and Azure Cloud accounts.  Will material that we upload in Moodle using the H5P activities reside on a third party server in any way shape or form or will it stay within the AWS/Azure Cloud?  Is there a file path that our IT group could use to verify the location of the uploaded material to ensure that it only resides on the AWS or Azure servers?


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Hi thewards101!

If you're hosting H5P on yout own system, all your content will of course be located on your system and not on third party servers. It's not that simple to retrieve a link for verification, because moodle doesn't store files "as is" like e.g. WordPress or Drupal but uses hashed file names to store data inside the moodle data folder.