Multichoice Question in Coursepresentation and Questionset not IE8 compatible

If I turn on the IE dev mode to display h5p & content in iE 8, your example for questionset on your website is not displayed at all.

The same applies for coursepresentation. As soon as I try on my (fresh) installation to add a Multichoice question, the whole coursepresentation will not be shown anymore!

THe bug seems to be somwhere in the multichoice library.

Could you please advise how to fix that bug? I can comile myself a new library, but I need to know where I should fix what.

... what to do? Unfortunately, other content types are NOT IE8 compatible.
I just checked all og the contenttypes from your examples site:
- Dialog cards: buttons do not work in IE8
- Memory Cards: are shown, but you cant do anything...
- Interactive video: not displayed at all
- Boardgame: not shown at all

The customer paying for the development of many of the libraries have dropped the support for IE8 and because of this many content types doesn't work in ie8. This is by design. We obviously accept patches and/or donations to get these content types up and running on IE8.