Protecting video content.

I’m looking for a video host to use with H5p that deters users from being able to download my video.

At present I use Vimeo Pro, but viewing the source code allows users to pirate the video file very easily.

One thing I'm thinking of trying is to add the interactive video on one site then embed it as an iframe on the main site, hoping that would allow me obscure the source code and prevent downloaders. Has any one tried this before?

 Alternatively, can anyone suggest an alternative to the H5p interactive video. I run an e-learning site so it’s the quiz features I need.

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There currently isn't any good support for protecting you videos buildt into H5P.

I expect the solution would be to add support of Encrypted Media Extensions to the Interactive Video player.

There are plans to add ekstra Video protection features to, when it's ready later this year.

- Tom

Is EME avaliable now?

How can I add support of EME to my Interactive Video Player of H5P ?


Hi, Tom:

  How do I add "ekstra" Video protection to my Interactive Video of H5P in my Moodle site?

Alex Chiou