Interactive video - youtube player functionality and bookmarks


Thanks for the H5P resources, I think they are great so far.

Is it possible to maintain the youtube player functionality in the interacitve video content type? For example, the closed captions toggle and also the speed functions?

When I insert the  URL of a youtube video with these options available on Youtube, it seems to default to Closed Captions turned on and there is no way to control the speed of the video. See image attached.

Also, is it possible to feature the bookmarks below the video as permanently visible?

Thank you,


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Hello Sarah,
Thank you for the kind words, and for using our product!

Currently, out of the box, these features aren't available.
However, the speed control actually is available from the video sources we support, but there hasn't been implemented any controls for this in our Interactive Video. I guess that nobody has had a real need for this, yet. May I ask how you use it and in which context?

Regarding the captions, I'm not a 100% sure that you can get the captions to display when using YT without controls the way we do. Also, I think the user can disable the captions for all YT videos through her/his YT settings, so you need to be aware that the captions might not be displayed to the user.
What we've tried to do is to keep the video sources as clean as possible and then add all the interactions and metadata through the Interactive Video interface. This way the content creator doesn't have to rely on the interactions, metadata or captions coming from the video source provider, like YT. This makes it easier to switch to another video provider, and you don't have to worry about YT changing the way captions work, or even dropping the support.
Perhaps you want some interactions in the Interactive Video tool that acted more similar to the captions in YT does? Or do you need the existing captions from the videos you use? I think it's a small job to try and turn them on.

For the bookmarks there is currently only one view, but what you are suggesting sound interesting. Do you have any examples of what you mean or sketches?

Thank you for the feedback,