Image hotspots on hover only?

The photos on my site are from professional wedding photographers, and they don't like it when there are hotspots obstructing the beauty of the work. Is there any way to add a trigger so that the hotspots only show up when the user is hovering over the image?

I don't know any code, so your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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It's not supported at the moment, but I can see that it would be useful. On phones it would have to be a toggle feature or always on though since there are no hovering there.

Is there a way to tweak the code to make hotspots appear on hover/toggle?

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Yeah, you should be able to code this. If you create a pull request for this feature we might merge it into the official release as well, but we would need a setting for it so that today's behavior is the default and hidden hotspots is an optional setting.

Sorry to keep bothering you, falcon. I tried really hard to figure this out on my own (even took a beginner coding course!), but I am still completely lost. I downloaded the Wordpress plugin and have no clue which file I am supposed to make the edits to.

By any chance, is this hovering/toggle feature something that you folks might consider adding in the near future? Should I make the request on the "feature request" thread? My website depends on it, so any help or direction would be truly appreciated! Thank you.

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If you're not a professional developer it can be very hard to code this yourself I'm afraid. In order to help you I would probably have to explain every step, and spend about the same amount of time that I would use for implementing it myself. Joubel are not planning to add this feature in the near future unless we get funding for it. I'm sorry I can't help you more here, but we have to try to add the features and improvements that adds the most value for the entire community first. If you want to keep working on this feature I suggest you try the H5P chat and perhaps others can give you some pointers.

Thank you! I completely understand...I run a startup, so I know funding is tough & you have other priorities. I just posted in H5P chat... saying my prayers & hoping for the best! Thanks again.

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Yeah, running a startup is quite tough, but also a lot of fun. Focus is key though.