H5P idea for non-technical users


First - thanks for all involved in H5P - I think what's been built to date is great and I'm really excited about the roadmap. 

I am interested in helping with both some of the roadmap items and also another idea that I wanted to get some feedback / thoughts on. 

The idea is to create a free hosted install of H5P where users can create an account, author H5P content, and then easily embed it into their own sites as a hosted xAPI/TinCan resource (and probably using LTI in the future too). Similar I suppose to what webform.com is for the Drupal webform module (so users who want to author and use H5P in their own existing LMS don't need to do an install of H5P themselves if they don't want to). 

I think H5P has the potential to be the leading content authoring option (and it is already so much better than the typical Articulate SCORM files that most elearning courses consist of) and I'm really interested in helping in any way possible to make it so. 


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Thank you for your feedback, I'm very happy to hear that you want to help with the roadmap! Let's talk more about that!

Your idea is great! H5P.org currently has a very light version of an H5P as a service, but hundreds of H5Ps are created on H5P.org every week. This feature will be improved in 2016 with LTI support among other things. We're also going to do something similar to what webform.com and WordPress.com is doing, where a small version is free and where users with lots of videos etc. can pay for the costs of hosting videos, using LRSs etc. without having to set them up.

We will do this to make it easier to get started, provide all the advantages of a service for those who prefer that over having the full control and customization options themselves, and to get more usage data in order to improve H5P for everyone.

Great to hear a similar idea is already planned.

Happy to discuss more about support on roadmap etc here or via email. Probably easier directly via email if possible (I assume you can see the email associated with my user profile here). 

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Yes, I've sent you an e-mail