Happy to pay for customization, Anyone can do or know someone ?


Thanks in advance if you can refer / recommend  someone who can do H5P customization.

I am creating a language learning website on Wordpress, using H5P to create questions.The functionality I am interested in are :

1) In multi-choice question, being able to add images in the choices and play a sound when the user click on any choice.

2) In an image hot-spot question, play sound when user click on the hot-spots  Appreciate your reply, 

Thanks in advance.

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I believe these are things that any H5P user would benefit from. Feel free to send an e-mail to contact - a - joubel.com to get an estimate for including this in the official version of the content types. Joubel are the creators of these content types, and will also be happy to consider patches from other developers.

I managed to add the functionality of (1) to some content types, where we needed it. We basicly are able to put images anywhere but in between choices. The alternative's editors are full-html-ckeditors with inline image embedding and float and size control enabled.

I would be glad to give back the work we did to the h5p-Community. Yet the code we use is highly custom and not in contributable state out-of-the-box. I could perhaps create a scratch on the work we did with the diff attached and perhaps some parts can be merged.

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Thanks for the offer Julian. You can always make a pull request on Github and we'll evaluate it to see if it can be merged.