Effects of H5P bugs on created content

Hello H5P community!

I work in a training institute and we are currently working on an eLearning concept, which has brought me to this awesome H5P tool. Since I am not an expert in all these technical matters, I am still unsure about the following questions - which you can hopefully help me with:

If we use the H5P plugin to integrate the content of our own website:

  • I assume all of our content is also stored on the server that hosts our website, is that correct? 
  • Could any bugs/problems H5P might experience, also affect the content on our website then or does our plugin work completely independently once it is integrated on our website?

If we choose the H5P.com hosting service:

  • Could we easily transfer the content via the plugin to our own website/LMS one day, once this is technically possibly on our end?
  • (Of course I hope this will never happen, but this is important for us to know) if H5P experiences problems or might even be shut down one day for whatever reasons: Would contents on our website that we created with the H5Pplugin (and thus stored on our own servers) stay availbable and also continue working? 

I would highly appreciate if anyone could answer these questions for me. Thanks a lot!!

Best wishes from Germany,


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Hi Carmen,

Regarding the plugin:

  • Yes your contents and media that is uploaded into it is hosted on your own server.
  • Any existing bug will also affect your content. But if there are bugs that stems from an update, you will not get affected if you do not update your plugin. Although updating is a good practice since it gives additional features as well as bug fixes.


  • If you create your content in H5P.com and decided to host your contents instead there is a way to transfer your contents. You can read more about importing/exporting in this page. Please note that the 'download' button has been renamed to 'reuse'.
  • Yes it will keep working. The H5P plugin are almost 100% independent of the H5P servers. The only time it actually interacts with it is when checking if there are any updates to the plugin or the content types' libraries.

I hope these answers your questions and if you have any clarifications or questions feel free to post them here.


Hi BV,

many thanks for your response - this is very helpful.

All the best!