Unable to add interactions in interactive video


I am facing issue in adding interaction to the interactive video. I'm trying to create component in h5p using drupal7. I have been using the following module of h5p for drupal that is 7.x-1.28, release date is 2017-Apr-12 from official site of drupal. When I installed the h5p module in drupal it has been installed the default libraries into it automatically. I am able to see all the default libraries into the drop down. 

I have started with Fill in the blanks and it is working fine. But in case of interactive video, I'm able to add/upload the video but as soon as I click on the Add Interaction it says You must select the video before adding interaction . I have tried several way but it always prompted me with the same line.

Can anybody help me in this case. Or Please suggest me any changes in the process I'm following. Please see the screenshot attached for the same.

Thank you in advance.


Amruta Thakur.

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I suspect there are some errors in your JavaScript-console. Could you please open the console, and give as much info as you can about any message displayed?


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, javascript-console shows some errors. Please see the screenshot attached for the details.

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Seems to have something to do with the guided tour. Would you be able to provide us with author access to your site so that we could dig a bit deeper? You could send it through the contact form. We don't need admin access, only a user with access to create H5Ps on your site.