Teacher can not add H5P content


Just installed H5P plugin on moodle and whenever teachers try to add a H5P activity to a course they can not choose a template and go on. Please see atached image.

Users with site admin or manager roles can add H5P e customize it.

Apreciate any help.


Server details:

- moodle version: 3.7.2

- apache: 2.4.6

- php: 7.1.33


José Campos

BV52's picture

Hi José,

The Moodle administrator needs to install the content type before teachers can use this. This can be done by clicking on the 'get' button in the hub. I suggest that you install the more complicated content types (e.g.Course Presentation, Column, Branching Scenario etc.) first since this brings the libraries of the content types that are included in it.