Can't upload.

In wordpress.

When I try to upload the hp5 file for the interactive video.

1. I select the file.
2. Click create.

The browser show that it is uploading in present.

When the file is done uploading.

There are still no content types?

Any suggestions.

I also noticed in my ftp program when I go to. wp-content/uploads/ there is no hp5 folder.

I tried manually adding one but still didn't work.



Had to increase max_post and max_upload.

Good work

Hope H5P works well for you, and we always appreciate feedback

Ultimately if you want to work with the Interactive Video content type you will need to increase your max_post and max_upload as stated above, but if you want to enable the content type to start playing around you could create a Interactive Video with no video on the demo site, download that, then upload it to your site to enable. Your upload limit will probably block you from adding a video pretty quickly (typical PHP limit is 2MB, so good luck finding a video under that), but you could start playing and testing with a really small video perhaps, or at least this would allow you to get to know the editor.


Hi, I tried to upload some content to H5P within Wordpress(). After upload I get message: "The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (We are unable to unzip it)". I tried it with 612.h5p(FillBlanks), 613.h5p(Presentation) and 618.h5p(InteractiveVideo). How can I get through this? Thank you.

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Which version of WordPress are you running? Do you know which web server, php and server OS you are running?
Please make sure that the user who runs php on your server has permissions to write to the wp-uploads/h5p folder.
Also make sure that you've enabled the php extension called ZipArchive.
Does the error log for your web server contain any recent entries that might be related to zipping or h5p?

Unfortunately the H5P core does not print the ZipArchive error codes for debugging.

Hello. I am running Drupal 7 on JustHost that has worked pretty well in the past. I installed the H5P module, downloaded an dexample 611.h5p and 618.h5p. I try to install the libraries. Sending request to (my website). Nothing happens. Installed libaries shows nothing. I tried increasing the upload_max_filesize from 10M to 500M in the php.ini file on the justhost server. nothing. I tried to find the post_max_size but that was not in my php.ini file. Any suggestions? JustHost did not know how to help...

If you contact us through the contact form and provide us with a test account for your site we'll try to figure out what's going wrong.

Hello I tried to send you a form to help figure out why h5P is not working on JustHost. Do you have any contact information?

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Are there any errors in your server error log?
Make sure the ZipArchive extension is enabled in php.ini.

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We fixed many bugs in the newest version of H5P for Wordpress that was released today. Please try to update. We'll appreciate it if you can post an update here after updating.

Among other things we now work a lot better on sites with debugging enabled and sites with other languages installed.