Good examples of visually well designed lessons/learning modules


Hi all,

I'm currently on the hunt for some good examples of visually well designed lessons/learning activities, that have been created using the H5P tool? Maybe you were able to change fonts via the backend coding, or your course had a well designed coloured co-ordinating theme. I'm really interested in ways that courses can be made visually individual (logos, corporate branding, colour schemes, etc), and how people approched this. 


I developed some templates for eLearning courses using H5P course presentation.

You can have a look at some examples here.

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Hi Juli!

Those templates look very nice! Thanks for sharing.



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I agree 100% :-)


Thanks for sharing, gave me some inspiration! 


These are some great examples! Thanks for sharing

It is so innovative. Thank you.

By the way. Is there a chance to reuse it?

How do you check the responses to your posted materials in order to give scores and such?

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