Possible to add custom JavaScript to an existing Content Type?



I'm interested in customizing the xAPI that gets sent by existing Content Types. I'm curious whether it's possible to add custom JavaScript to a content type on the H5P.com SaaS platform? If so, it seems I'd be able to use the built-in xAPI support to send custom statements?

I realize it's possible to create new content types to behave as you desire. But here I'm thinking about a middle ground in which you could customize/decorate existing types.




It appears that one way to acheive this would be to modify the source code of an existing H5P content-type. Either contributing to the existing version, or morphing into a new type. I'm new to the open source culture, so if please correct my thinking and wording here if needed. But if this is the right path for what I want to do, can someone point me towards the hurdles & steps I'd need to clear to go in this direction?



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You can customize H5P and add scripts to your self-hosted content using hooks, but not on H5P.com.

Have you consulted https://h5p.org/contributing already?

This makes sense, thanks. I'll look at the Contributing page.