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I am using H5P interactive videos in my math course.  I copied the course from last semester in Desire to Learn to the current semester.  I added the H5P interactive videos to my new course.  The reports from last semester did copy over as well.  Is there any way to keep the old student reports out of the reports for the current semester?  If I delete the student reports in the new course, will they also be deleted from the old course?


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Hi boothg!

I assume you're using H5P in moodle, and technically that's a moodle question. If I am not mistaken, when creating a backup of a course, you can decide what it should contain (users, content, comments, grades, ...). If you deselect users and results/grades, then the restored course should not contain those.



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The OP mentioned they use Desire to Learn, so not Moodle!

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Hi papi Jo!

Fair point! Didn't know that was a platform ... So, dear original poster, you're using Brightspace? By embedding content from some H5P enabled site? Using LTI and I fear I am not familiar with Brightspace either way, but I assume the answers to those questions are relevant for the H5P core team.


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Hi boothg,

I would be answering using the assumption that you are hosting your contents in and inserting them in Brightspace. 

When copying a course in Brightspace you are given 2 choices 'Copy All Components' and 'Select Components'. Choosing 'Select Components' should give you a list of components and one of these will be 'Grades'. You can then either leave all the grades or some of it from the copying/exporting process. If you delete the grades on the copied course it will not affect the grades in the original course and vice versa.