Best practices using H5P for online math courses????

I am starting to use H5P interactive videos for my online math courses.  I was wondering if there are any other math instructors using interactive videos?  Any tips and best practices?  I would love to hear from you.  I am struggling with  incorporating math symbols.  Is there any other (easier) way than Latex? 

My other questions are:


What is the limit of characters for the free response question?

Can Latex be used for free response?

 Thanks for any input and tips you can give me.

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Hi boothg,

I'll leave the tips and best practices to those that actually create contents for teaching.

To answer your questions for mathematical expressions the only way to go is LaTeX. The reason behind this is that we try to make the basic editor as simple as possible since it is not only used to teach math.

I went a quick look at the code and there are no limit set for the free text activity.

Yes it can. I created a simple sample here.


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Hi boothg,

Nice to know that you are working with Math subject.

I am trying to create a help file for Math teachers as guide for them to type various math formulae / Chem formulae in LaTex.

As all teachers may not know LaTex. 

Do you have any guide kind or are you interested to develop such kind a guide? please do let me know.