How do you guys spellcheck anything you are creating within H5P.

I guess adding spellchecker functionality into H5P components is a big job.



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Hi jp!

Think of the layered structure of the environment that you use H5P in: You have the operating system with a lot of functionality that the browser can use, that in turn has functionality the host system can use, that in turn offers functionality that H5P could use. It wouldn't make much sense, IMHO, to put general functionality such as spell checking into the top layer (H5P) if it can be implemented in lower layers (e. g. the operating system).

Alas, spell checking is implemented in lower levels! All that would be necessary is to remove the spellcheck attribute of text input fields that is currently set to ignore spell checking deliberately.

I think it's not always clear when and where that setting should be activated or deactivated, and the H5P core team would have to decide which way to go.

Luckily it's possible to customize H5P. If you want to you can add your own scripts (using the alter_scripts hook) that allow spell checking or disallow spell checking the way you want to.


Thanks for responding Oliver. 

It's interesting. I appreciate the layers you mention, but in simple terms, Grammarly will work in a standard Moodle Lesson component, but Grammarly will not work within H5P. 


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Hi jp,

I'm not sure but I believe (using Oliver's explanation), grammarly would be in the same layer as the browser so doing what he suggests should help.


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Hi all!

I don't know Grammarly, but from glancing at their site it's a browser plugin/service that can modify website contents. I am not sure though if they can change contents of iframes that H5P uses for embedding content.


I guess I should have just left my question as ...

How do you guys spellcheck anything you are creating within H5P?

What solutions are people doing right now with regards spellchecking? someone has told me they write in an editor first then cut and paste into H5P when ready. That doesn't work for me as I like to work direct within H5P so I can play with sizes and look/feel of each slide/component.