exporting wp/h5p site

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Now that we're basically ready with our development (kiosk installation with wordpress & h5p), we're at the point of needing to export everything to the kiosks.

Is there an export tool for h5p? Or do you have any experience with a wp tool that'll export h5p too (kmages and all), not just wp core?

Or is it as 'simple' as making a full duplicate of the development site?

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Currently there's no way of export the WP content with the attached H5Ps. You can however export each h5p-content by using the Download button beneath it.

Without knowing all the details, it sounds like what you want is an exact clone of your install. I believe the easiest route to take then is just to dump the database and copy the wp directory.

If this is something you'll be doing often, like with updates and if there's new content I would recommend some sort of deployment script.

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Thanks!! I suspected as much :)

Yes, we'll be cloning, as the kiosks will be completely stand-alone and deaf, no internet contact. After initial deployment, any updates will be done directly on each kiosk, so no problems there either.