Multi language subtitles for the video

Is there are way to add subtitles to the presentation? Either through a .srt file or other method.

I'm afraid it's not possible to add subtitles in the Presentation content type. Do you only need subs for videos included in your presentation? 

However, note that it is possible to add subtitles in the Interactive video content type. There is a tool to the far left on the Interactive video editor toolbar called 'nil' (the name does note make much sense, I know), which makes it possible to manually add subtitles using the editor. 


The current "subtitle" solution in interactive video is very cumbersome if you want to add a complete set of subtitles for your movie. We will add support for .srt files in the future.

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Is there any news about SRT support for interactive video?


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The H5P Core Team haven't started to work on it yet, and I don't know of anyone else working on it either. If someone want's to implement or finance this let us know. If not this might take some time.