Using H5P in e-learning , how to get tracking / gamification / badges right ?

We are creating an E-learning site focued on gamification (rewarding the user for each step they do to keep learners motivated)

Simply just show the user how much points they got right after each quiz and give them a simple badge

We are using Learn Dash on Wordpress , there are many plugins which allow for gamification.

When we add some H5P question , gamification & tracking the user performance is not possible.

We are happy to to change Wordpress or Learndash to get the gamification/ tracking right .

Many thanks in advance ?


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I can't really say if they've added support for reading/using H5P as a part of their courses as it's a commercial product and not an open source project. I think it's best to ask them when or if they're planning to add support for H5P into their product.

If you don't want to make a plugin/theme for doing this yourself can look into using an LRS or something like the myCRED plugin, which I've seen H5P hooks for.