Google not indexing H5P content in Drupal nodes

This search seems to find H5P content on

Google can find my test page, so I know it's indexed:

But Google can't find my H5P content within that test page:

Any ideas?



I think the biggest thing is that Google indexes the same H5P accordion content on Google but not on our site. Why?

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It looks like Google doesn't always index the content of a page that's within an iframe – which is a bit strange. I guess the only ones who can answer exactly why is Google themselves. Perhaps they have a tool you can use to help you figure out why? 

I have read somewhere that they've stopped indexing content that isn't directly available when opening the page – meaning you should be able to find the content straight away without having to push buttons. I believe this is why many sites are moving away from tab panels.

I guess I'm asking whether others using h5p content are experiencing the same issue with Google not indexing their content? Seems like a deal-breaker if much of our content is in accordions, but nobody can find it through a Google search? I guess I'm also asking how the content on did get indexed? Perhaps Google has changed something since that content was indexed a while back and it no longer does the same on new h5p content. At any rate, I can't believe this isn't more of an issue for h5p users.