Linking to H5P content from within a H5P content presentation : Moodle

I have created a number of Course presentations, each one is embedded as one chapter in a Moodle book. I have added a text link, for navigation purposes, at the end of the last slide in the H5P Course presentation with a link to the next Chapter of the book, which is also the next H5P Content presentation.. The problem is that when the Next Section is clicked the whole moodle page is embedded, not just the H5P content. I attach 3 screenshots in an attempt to deonstrate this.Issue 1 is the H5P Content presentation, the navigation I have created  is highlighted.Issue 2 is the link behind this navigationIssue 3 is how it looks when the button is selected. The embedded Moodle is highlighted in red. Anyone know how one can successfully link from within one content presentation to another in Moodle? ThanksCaitríona