I have some questions for a capable soul

Hello, my name is Bobby and I handle the marketing operations of a small hobbyist rocket company.

A couple weeks ago I discovered H5P, and I was quite impressed with the capability. I have a personal website through wordpress, and I've been experimenting with it's capabilities as they would relate to my work professionally (a large part of our business is selling rockets to teachers for the classroom, and I want to create the most in-depth, interactive educational content database for students learning science, technology or mathematics through the use of model rockets).

This is where my problem came in. Our company uses a highly customized version of Zencart, and although I consider myself quite technically capable, I can't find any information as to whether or not it is possible to get H5P content onto our website. I don't want to drain too much time into this endevour if success is not a possible outcome, so if anyone here can answer a couple questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

1 - Is success a possible outcome?
2 - Is there a relatively easy and free way to convert H5P into HTML5 or another stand-alone format?
3 - How challenging is it to get the H5P plugin to work on our zencart site?

And, ofcourse, if you know where I should be looking, I would greatly appreciate any guidance.

Thank you,

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Hi Bobby!

If you want to run H5P on Zencart "natively", you'd have to implement a plugin just like the plugins for WordPress, moodle or Drupal. Possible - others have done it for Typo3, ILIAS and others, but quite some amount of work.

H5P is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, but I assume you want some "compiled" standalone content that's never going to be changed again. You could check out https://github.com/tunapanda/h5p-standalone or use the commercial conversion service at https://www.metaxdata.eu/konverter

If you already have a WordPress site running, why not create content there and embed it into your Zencart site?




So my WordPress site is basically just a professional portfolio, where as our business gets a tremendous amount of traffic from students and educators. I'm unclear as to how that kind of thing would affect my personal website, as I didn't build it to sustain that kind of traffic.

Would I be fine to do that though? Even though my website is hosted through a very basic server package?

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Hi Rob!

H5P is not very CPU hungry, because most things happen on the client side. But sure, if your WordPress server doesn't have enough bandwidth to transfer data to the browser, performance will go down. I don't have any benchmarks to support you with however.

If you're unsure, you could host your content on h5p.com, but that's not free.



If I wanted to compare the costs between the MetaXData converter and hosting the files on H5P - who would I contact for a quote for hosting here?

If I had to make a guess, I would say using the MetaXData converter would allow the content to run faster as it wouldn't be reaching out to an external server - but I'm no expert here. Is that what you would assume as well?

My apologies, I thought this was H5P.com - I found who I should contact, thank you.