Vimeo CC Video

Our videos are hosted in Vimeo. When I see them using the vimeo player I can use the player controls to enable/disable CC.

Can I, somehow, have CC when using H5P Interactive Video and Vimeo Sources?

I saw a post mention the .vtt file, but I don't know where to add that in h5p ( we are using the Wordpress plugin) .



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Hi Nimzayx,

The Interactive Video content type is the same on every platform (also WordPress), so you are good to go, if you have the newest version.

See the image below on where to add subtitles:

- Tom


No, I didn't have the latest. Now I do! I can see the track fields now! :) Thanks!

However, another question, for old content - created before this update, it shows as before, no fields are available. Is it supposed to be like that?


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You have to run "Content upgrade" on that specific version of Interactive Video. You should be able to find this in your "H5P Libraries" list.

- Tom

:) THANK YOU! :)