Plugin Update

Hello community,

i have a problem with the content type column. In the H5P version, that we use on our moodle platform the installation of the column content results in the message:

the system can't install the 'Drag N Bar' component from the pacet, because you need a actual version of the H5P plugin. The website works actually with version 1.23, you need Version 1.24 or higher. (Translation from me)

This message occurs for several components. On the moodle site the plugin is displayed as version 1.19.1. The most actual version that i can find is version 1.20.2.

I can't find any option to update the plugin via moodle. What would happen with the existing H5P content on the moodle site, if i uninstall the plugin and install the newer version?

Greetings from Germany



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Hi Max!

The version number that's mentioned refers to the H5P core library, not to the H5P plugin for moodle.

Version 1.24 of the H5P core is used by the H5P plugin for moodle version 1.20.



Hi Oliver,

thanks for the clarification. So should i simply uninstall the old version and install the new one? Or could that be a problem for already existing content on the learning platform?

Ok, i found the button to update the plugin in moodle myself. :-) So, Problem solved.....