Call to action: Contribute great H5P Content!

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If you have H5P content that you are willing  to share with the educational community under the Creative Commons license, contact me right now! has been a non-profit provider of open educational resources (OER) for over a decade.

As we monitor the struggle educators are facing right now, we are doing our part by greatly increasing the numbers and exposure to quality resources in our public, free, and open digital library.

I have noticed that commercial providers have opened up their resources for 30, 60, 90 days or longer. But - what will happen to those teachers and students when those doors close?

Let us keep great instruction where it belongs: Open, free, and available! Forever. For every learner.

Here is an example of what we have built by combining our free and open technology with H5P (it's not perfect but it's a start):

If you have existing H5P content, or the time to volunteer and help us create or load H5P content, that would be of great help!

Let's mobilize as a global community of open educational resource creators!

With great appreciation, 

Leo Cunha, CTO

[email protected]

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Hi Leo,

Thank you for starting this this is a really great initiative. I'd like to also inform you that the H5P OER Hub is right around the corner so sharing of H5P contents should be a lot easier once it is released.


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That is exciting news.  We will be happy  to help as we can, to include getting the message out!