Course Presentation copyright button & Form


I noticed that currently the copyright forms are displayed twice in that module. (use the latest h5p module and the latest course presentation libs)
However the 1st one is the one which will enable a display of copyright, when you click in the bottom button provided with the initial h5p module (independant of any "content")
The 2nd one is the one that comes with courspresentation. It is not possible in the current coursepresentation to fill out out the 1st form, i.e. the "generic" one. The form pops up, but you cannot close it or save any input.
For my perception: the h5p generic button and form should persist and the "coursepresentation copyright form & button should be removed.

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Thank you for your input. The next version of the Course Presentation actually has gotten its Copyrights button removed, since this is a part of the new h5p core.