Can't save newly created h5p on Wordpress


I'm using a new instance of Wordpress 3.9.1 using the Responsive theme.

I've installed H5P and the file to enable creation of Interactive Videos. I can upload the underlying video and create all of my interactions but cannot see a way to save my work.

When I go back to the "All H5P content" tab, my new video isn't there.

I've tried this on both Safari and Chrome with the same result. I am using a JustHost account, in case that's relevant, as I noticed this being raised on another topic in which someone couldn't upload.

My apologies if the answer to this question is trivial.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi toballantine!

Maybe a trivial answer as well, but have you pressed the 'Create' button when you're done editing the Interactive video? In the default WP theme the 'Create' button is located to the far right on the H5P edit page.

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I have the same problem: get "No such library" message when try saving "Interactive Video" on Wordpress...

Some solution?


I've been trying to reproduce the "No such library" error message. The only time I was able to get this message, was when the H5P plugin was installed with errors in WP.

The way I solved it:

  • Deactivate and then delete the H5P plugin in WP admin > Plugins.
  • Install the H5P plugin again.
  • If you get error messages from WP after installing the plugin (e.g. "Warning. An unexpected error occured..."), despite WP notifying you that the plugin was installed successfully, try re-installing the H5P plugin until you accomplish a clean install without any errors.

I uploaded this interactive video H5P file after I managed to install the H5P plugin without errors. This seemed to work. 

Not sure if this is an appropriate solution in all cases, but it's worth a shot.

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We fixed many bugs in the newest version of H5P for Wordpress that was released today. Please try to update. We'll appreciate it if you can post an update here after updating.

Among other things we now work a lot better on sites with debugging enabled and sites with other languages installed.