Consistent Font Awesome 4.1 needed

I noticed that throughout the different content types, the newly used Font Awesome 4.1 is not referenced correctly always, i.e. it then produces displays with the placeholder iso the correct icon.
In the css the reference should always persist to be H5PFontAwesome iso H5PFontAwesome4, regardless of the Fontversions itself supplied along. The current approach creates confusion. The fonts themselves should not have a version in the name but to be always "latest' like you would do it with linux symlinks ....

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Where are you seeing H5PFontAwesome instead of H5PFontAwesome4? To begin with H5PFontAwesome was its own library, then it got added to core because it was needed everywhere. The major version got added as a part of the name in case icons where removed or their code changed and we had to use two fonts in a transition fase. It turns out we could not keep FontAwesome in the core due to license incompatibility with Drupal, so it was removed and put in its own library again. The major version just stuck to avoid renaming issues I guess. Perhaps you are right and we should just stick to H5PFontAwesome in the future.