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Is it possible to customize the timeline module so that it starts zoomed in on the timeline?

I need some help as I'm new to this... I'm using drupal 7.28 and h5p beta 5.. I have everything working perfectly except timeline it forms a node successfully but when viewing the the time line I only see an empty box... is there a problem with the time line content upload? ??
Please help..


... to a page where the interactive timeline isn't working?

yes here is the link...
Thanks a million for your time and efforts great project....

I have exactly the same symptoms on my website. It does not matter if the timeline is uploaded (e.g. your strawberry demo) or created on the website. I have the two timeline libraries installed, the editor seems to be working, yet the final result is a blank rectangle. My website also runs on Drupal 7.28. It is not isolated to a particular theme; I've switched through themes and the issue is present even on default Drupal themes. Interestingly, I have another website running on Drupal/Opigno and there I don't have any issues.

I resolved my issue, so I will summarize it briefly for the benefit of others. There were two issues, in fact. The first one was with jQuery. I had the jquery_update module installed ( If you enable it with version other than 1.5 or 1.10, it causes the issue. To resolve it, either disable the module, or set the versions either to 1.5 or 1.10.
Another issue was with using the module with HTTPS. TimelineJS-1.0/js/storyjs-embed.js is pulling its own jQuery version and a font from an external source via a hardcoded HTTP. I had to go into that file and change it to HTTPS in order to stop the resources from being blocked. If you don't use https protocol, this second issue does not affect you.

I don't have HTTPS so jQuery update fixed the problem.. thanks so much for your help and support.. Really appreciated..

In the latest version of H5P Timeline, we have added the possibility to set the startup zoom level.


Is it possible to add hours in the timeline (and use it as a daily timeline) ?

Thank you for your help

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Timeline is just a wrapper of an old version of  Knightlab's Timeline ( Definitely, someone would have to change some of the code. Maybe the discussion at is helpful to learn about this.