Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive


When trying to install the H5P Wordpress plugin I get this error message: 'Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive'.

Can you tell me which version of PHP and/or ZipArchive is needed?

The people we host with have asked: "would you be able to at least tell me what version of the ZipArchive plugin you are attempting to install?"

Any help much appreciated.



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It has to be approved first, which should happen fairly quickly – this is to avoid spammers from posting in the forum.

Thanks! I should learn to be more patient :)

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The generic H5P part of the plugin should support PHP versions as low as 5.2 – However, you should always try to stick to the newest supported version available:
This has to do with the security of your site, data, and users.

Make sure that you enable the ZipArchive extension in PHP as it's required. 

Thanks for the advice. Apparently we are using PHP 5.6.

For some reason ZipArchive is not enabled so I'm hoping our host is able to enable it without any trouble - but they have gone rather quiet!