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First, great job on the interactive video! Have searched for something like this long time. Need for some training classes.

When the video is first displayed:

"press the icons as the video plays for challenges and more information on the topics".

Where can this text be changed?

Not all videos will have "challenges" and just info.

Many thanks,


Am I not getting an answer because this has been asked?

Understand you have said will be in future update.

But I am asking "where is the wording located" so I can manually change and use until update comes out.

If this is too much to ask, please just say so and will move on.


In interactivevideo.js you may change line 166 to get a different text. This will be improved so that you may change it from you web browser.

I'm sorry for the late reply.

Thanks Joubel.

Although I took another route to create videos, still like to use h5p in future.

I am using the "WordPress" plugin and should have mentioned that.

The original question was where to find this text:
"press the icons as the video plays for challenges and more information on the topics".

If it would not be too much trouble, could you point me to file within the WordPress plugin so I can change this?

Thank you.

The file isn't within the wordpress plugin. It is in the h5p file you typically download from and upload to your website. The file is named interactivevideo.js. I don't know where the file will be placed in your filesystem, but if you search your wordpress folder for that filename you'll find the file.

Thank for for input Joubel.

After days of searching for interactivevideo.js and thinking I must be the dumbest person on earth, finally figured out the file is called "interactive-video.js".

Found it at two locations:



Not sure which one to use but will check it out in future if use again.

I didn't know about the dash. Glad you figured it out. It is the file within /public_html/*****.com/wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.InteractiveVideo-1.0 you want to change.