Speak the words + Audio Recorder

Dear H5P Team,

First, my big thanks for your hard and amazing work!

I have two questions related to the two new types of content: (1) Speak the words; (2) Audio Recorder.

1. Speak the words: It sounds like it works better for very short phrases (one or two words); any longer phrases will render a wrong answer, however hard and correct you try. This is more like a comment than a question. 

2. Audio Recorder: It works like charm. I just wonder where the audio files are stored. If they are stored in our server and we have a lot of users doing their recordings, that may flood the server. This question also applies to Speak the words.

3. Idea: Is there a way to have the recorded file stay at the user's machine right from the beginning of the process.

I look forward to your looking into these stuffs.

Again, many thanks for your kind, hard and amazing work.




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  1. Yes, you are correct in this. :)
  2. The audiofiles are actually never uploaded to the server. It's only kept in the browsers memory, and it's not stored to the users disk, until the user chooses to download it.
  3. See answer above

Enjoy the awesome new audio content types!

- Tom

I will now start creating my content using this awesome content type. This is just amazing! Have a good day!