Which H5P apps are MOST accessible?

Hi everyone,

Here's a question for the H5P community and developers:  Which H5P apps are the most accessible, based on the community's experience? 

Our university uses Moodle as our LMS, and we have adopted the H5P library/plugin into our next Moodle upgrade.  However, we also wish to promote making our LMS's content accessible to all users, and we note that some H5P apps, by their nature, do not seem accessibility-friendly.  Since we want to be able to train our faculty in H5P's use, having some indication about which apps this community considers the most accessible, or can be made so, would be great.  In short, we'd like to come up with a list--even if it's a short one--of H5P apps that we know we can reliably demonstrate to our faculty during training so they don't need to worry about accessibility when they use H5P in their courses.

Thanks in advance, everyone.



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This is not a complete list, and people are currently working on making all of the content types accessible (Summary, and Drag the Words is currently being worked on).

But here are some of the ones I know is accessible:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice Set
  • Mark the Words
  • Audio Recorder
  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • True/False

- Tom

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From the top of my head, I think the following has good accessibility support (using Chromevox):

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Choice (be sure to add text tracks if you add video on the top)
  • Question Set (if you don't add drag and drop tasks)
  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • Accordion
  • Single Choice Set
  • True/False Question
  • Mark the Words

Hopefully, we'll be seeing more content types improve their accessibility soon.
I hope this list is useful for you.

Thank you for your time!

I think this list is very useful for everyone.Great

Thanks, gentlemen!  I'll continue to monitor this thread for additional responses, of course, but the ones mentioned should give us a handful of apps that we can use to show off and train faculty about H5P. 

Thanks for the list. 

does anyone know of any updates to this in the past few months? 


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In the previous release, we made a lot of accessibility improvements for:

  • Drag Text 
  • Drag and Drop
  • Summary
  • Dialog cards
  • Image hotspots
  • Interactive Video

In the upcoming release, the accessibility improvement focus will be for:

  • Chart
  • Guess the Answer
  • Collage
  • Course Presentation
  • Documentation Tool
  • Memory Game

Stay tuned :)

How about Branching Scenarios? Are these accessible? 

We are using Canvas as our LMS.


@fnoks, thanks for the update (and Chloe for chiming it to prompt it).  I've made note of this and added these to a list I'm keeping, since it's very likely to be a question that our faculty will ask us.  Keep up the good work!  H5P has the potential to be an indispensable online teaching tool once the accessibility issues are sorted out.



I came across the AblePlayer - http://ableplayer.github.io/ableplayer/

This is a FOSS html5 video player developed by the University of Washington. It has support for caption files but also descriptive text and producing transcripts from a multi-chapter video.

A good example is at http://ableplayer.github.io/ableplayer/demos/video7.html

This might serve as good basis for improving the accessibility of the interactive video plugin.

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Hi dirkcgrunwald,

Thank you for input. We'll definitely look into this.


We are interested in integrating H5P into our online courses and need to know which activities are accessible as those are the ones that we will want to focus on. Thank you for the partial lists above! How about Branching Scenarios? Are those accessible? Are there any we should stay clear of?

Our LMS is Canvas.

Thank you!


Thank you for the links, BV52!

Thanks, BV52! This is exactly what I was looking for!