Drag and Drop Question - Stuck on Loading semantics, please wait...

I just installed H5P and trying out the drag and drop questions. The demo from h5p.org loaded ok. However when I go in to create one of my own - I select Drag and Drop Question and "Loading semantics, please wait..." appears. and from there nothing happens.

Even if I go into the example that was downloaded, and click edit.. it comes up with "Loading semantics, please wait..." and just stays there.

I am running Wordpress 3.9.1. Any suggestions on troubleshooting the issue?

Thanks in advance

Sounds strange. Could you provide us with access to your site through the contact form here at H5P.org? We'll have a look...

I also have the same issue with e.g. the presentation example


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Please check your JavaScript console(Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome) for any error messages when this happens, and paste them here.

I'm having the same problem, a "loading semantics, please wait' error when editors are creating content.  The problem only happens on afew modules, it happens in the course presentation (1.5), but not for dialog cards or flashcards, and for others, I don't know.  I've reloaded the library and Drupal module with the current release, rebuilding the cache as required.

From Chrome:

h5p-content:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u

From Firefox:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data h5peditor.js:72:27



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It is probably a problem with server settings. Could you give us access to create H5P content on a site where this is happening? Please contact us directly and provide username and password if you'd like us to look into this.


We have a similar problem. I installed H5P on our Moodle platform, and I can add an activity - but when creating it, once I have chosen an activity type (interactive video, for instance), the editor keeps loading... I have posted a threat on moodle.org too.


Thank you for your help!