How to get Course Presentation to report "completion" to LMS?


I've been building activities using the Course Presentation type. These activities don't necessarily have questions or quizzes, but I do want to be able to report back to the LMS (Canvas, in this case) whether the learner completed the activity. I understand that the only way to do this is to insert some sort of question into the presentation. So, I have added a Summary question to the last screen of the presentation -- which is a great idea anyway to get the learner to identify the "take home message".

Unfortuately, this is not working for me. I've inserted a Summary question, but nothing is being reported back to the LMS, nor are Reports showing up in  Here's the link to the content in

I've also attached a screen-shot of the configuration of the assignment in Canvas.

Thanks for the help!



I believe I've discovered the answer to my own question...

In Surface Mode, no reporting is generated and there is no Summary slide. 

In my activities I've activated Surface Mode so that I can control how learners navigate through the content. But that makes it so no reporting occurs, therefore no tracking of completion or points.

If I've got this wrong, or if there is a way around this, please do let me know.


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Hi Andrew,

You are correct. Sending of scores in Course Presentation is triggered once you reach the Summary Slide. Placing the content in Surface Mode  also disables the Summary Slide. I've reported this to the core but there are still no plans on making changes to this setup.