Content type Mark the word Request

Hi everyone,

I would like to congratulate the h5p team and everyone who is contributing to it for such a wonderful project I would like to request mark the word format to be added to the project. An example could be found here this would be a great addition to h5p in my opinion.

Thanks for the nice feedback! Mark the word is a great idea and we'll put it on the wish list. Hopefully we'll make a public wish list soon, so that everyone can get an impression of what is in most demand among the community members. 

Will anyone like to co-sponsor mark the word content type... I am really interested in having it developed. ..

A special request for teachers using h5p to co-sponser mark the word content type... the educational benefits for your students will be limitless... some example uses of mark the word other than parts of speech it could be used in math for marking the correct answer... weather it's addition, subtraction, etc...