Standalone H5P Content Server that can be setup to receive xAPI actor and context details?

We GREATLY underestimated the complexity of getting H5P to work in our non-PHP environment and after hitting a wall are now looking for an alternative pathway.

What do folks recommend for running a dedicated H5P Content server?

This would be a machine mainly focused on providing (i.e. editing, playing, and reporting on) H5P cotent types.

We would need to somehow provide the h5p elements the details needed to associate xAPI statements with the actor and context details (e.g. parent activities, group activites etc) so we can associate embeded items for reporting purposes.

ANY experience or recommendations appreciated.


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Have you considered using embed from a WordPress or Drupal site? Technologies such as LTI could be used to create a seamless experience but would require some coding.
The upcoming also aims to solve these sort of issues with ease.