Content Types upload


I have tried to upload the official all int one package to Drupal (7.x), but got the following error message:

"The file official-h5p-release-20170313.h5p could not be saved, because it exceeds 2 MB, the maximum allowed size for uploads. You must upload a h5p file."

I have already updated the file size limit in configuration/file settings to 50 MB and even added the h5p extention to the file types allowed, but to no avail :(

In fact the Druapl system keeps rejecting the upload because it exceeds 2 MB.

This appears on the face of it to be a Drupal problem, but, one which seems inexplicable given that changes of size limits have otherwise worked.

I have no idea what the problem is here or how to fix it. Can you help?

As a temprorary work around, is it possible to down/up -load the content types individually? If so, where from?



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Hi Chris,
This seems like a server settings issue.

Following the solutions posted at and and then restart your server, should resolve your problem. If you're still experiencing problems please post your phpinfo(), and I'll have a look at what could go wrong.