Is there a way to create a self assessment?

I'm looking to create a self-assessment, like a Cosmo quiz for example, where there are multiple questions. When someone chooses an answer, they gets a number of points based on that answer. At the end, they are categoried.

So for example. a self assessment for "Am I a clean person?"

1. Are there clothes on the floor?" Answer choices: yes (1 point), sometimes (2 points), never (3 points).

2. How often do you shower or bathe? Answer choices: Every day (1 point), every second day (1 points), every third day (3 points). 


2 points - You're squeaky clean. 

3-4 points - You need to be more dligent.

5-6 points - You're disgusting. 

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Hi Eric!

Try Personality Quiz.